Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Sequel of Metin 2

Metin is the Metin2 prequel, developed by YMIR Entertainment and was originally released to Korea in 2000. Due to public demand, YMIR Entertainment will finally release their Global Version and currently on their test version. 

Metin is not graphically impressive but gameplay is worth trying. Having improved all decent skills and knowledge to support global service, Metin will bring about sensation which will take users back to the initial MMORPGs full of 2D vibe

Metin’s character creation is pretty limited; you can only customize your character’s hair. But since they are still on their test version, I’m expecting that they will have more customization in outfit.

Metin’s races are Dwarf, Sent and Elf; available for both gender. Their starting stats are also shown on the character creation.

Leveling up and attributes
In Metin, gaining experience is pretty high; but then unlike any other MMO, leveling in METIN doesn’t rely on the experience bar. Your character will gain another level once you have gained 3 points from your character stats, pick one of STR, DEX and INT. Character stats in Metin are pretty tricky.

-HP will increase according to your STR.
-MP is your mana and it will increase according to your intelligence.
-Armor is your DEF and it will increase according to your equipment’s attribute.
-STR increases when you attack the monsters.
-DEX increases when you are attacked.
-INT increases when using magic.

Unlike other games, you can only get your skills after joining a clan. Your skill will depend on the clan you’ll be joining. Once you joined clan, a list of skills and their availability will be shown (depending on the level and stats required)

I find Metin’s Shop system gives you unique experience. You can bargain with the NPC to discount the item’s price. For now, I couldn’t access cash shop and I think it is because of the client is still on testing.

If you started playing, here is our tip to help you. Don’t go to the continent unless you’re level 30 and think what character build you like before making your move.
As for making money, you may sell some loot but make sure to look at their item characteristics first.

Note: If you’re getting confuse I suggest to read their cartoons first to better understand the game.

Rating: 7/10

Here's a little Gameplay video:

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