Thursday, October 18, 2012

DOKURO Review: The love of the undead

The love of the undead

Some months after PS Vita has been launched, we've seen limited selection of game genres.  The first batch of games that were released for Vita were not enough to convinced playstation fans or just gamers in general to get Vita. Given that PS Vita’s market is getting low, at the looks of it they are doing lots of tricks such as different packages. But this scenario is changing due to the press releases being published all over the internet. Big games… big expectations…

It’s been some weeks since I started poking around forums and started checking out people’s reasons for buying a Vita. Dokuro, one of the games that have been suggested to me caught my interest. Dokuro is a puzzle-platformer which recently announced by GungHo Online.

First thing potential players would ever noticed about Dokuro is its visuals, which is the game’s highest point. Settings of the game are pretty fulfilling; mad boss, princess being captured and a little skeleton trying to rescue the princess.  In order to progress, you have to make the safe way for the princess who is totally dependent on you. At first I thought the princess stops walking whenever dokuro is on his Prince transformation, but sadly it’s not the case. The princess was designed just to keep walking forward whether something would kill her like spikes, fire or even a falling platform. YES, it’s really annoying but that’s the challenge of it, you have to escort the helpless princess from point A to B. Countless times, you will be restarting a certain save point/level because the princess becomes stuck where a crate needs to drop, but again this is not a bad thing; while frustrating, it is also extremely motivating to keep that silly broad from mucking up her own escape while mastering each and every level layout.

Skeleton and Prince
So Dokuro has 2 forms; normal mode is the little skeleton, which can double jump and bash enemies away but cannot kill them. Second is the handsome prince who can carry the princess whenever there’s obstacles, and can kill enemies. The transformation occurs upon using the potion that also cools down on a certain time when not in use.

Based from some reviews and guides I've read there are 3 different chalks
The chalk is the tool that can help you manipulate your surroundings.
White = to repair the broken ropes to move the boulders or platform
Red = create a fuse to light up fire woods or ignite an explosive barrel.
Blue = a line forms a water surface to lift the wooden boxes.

Early boss Fight
There will be a number of level/save points with a boss at the end. Even though you’re on your beginner’s stage you still need to face a boss monster. While fighting with the boss, there are still tricks that you need to discover to help you defeat the boss.

Dokuro sure helps people to improve on their puzzle-solving skills. YES this game is somewhat frustrating but that will motivates you to solve the puzzle more.

Rating: 8.5/10
Ok so here's a little demo video for you! ENJOY!!!

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