Sunday, November 4, 2012

Chasing Moonlight Review

Chasing Moonlight is a simple platform game that uses a back-to-basics approach to keep players hooked. While the controls are unconventional and somewhat difficult to master, the game play itself is simple but still provides players with plenty of challenge.

What’s captivating about Chasing Moonlight is the artwork and overall style of the game. The simple black and white graphics aren't flashy, yet the game still looks great. It feels like players are in control of an unfamiliar classic cartoon character.

Chasing Moonlight includes 70 levels packed into 6 unique stages. The goal of each level is to guide the eye-ball through the dark levels and around dangerous obstacles to make it to the portal at the end. There are three small dots to collect along the way, which help determine the overall score of each level. Players can go back and collect any missed dots later so there is some replay value.

The controls are perhaps the most frustrating aspect. In order for a platformer to succeed, the controls must work well. The first level attempts to help gamers learn how to control the main character, but it’s still quite vague and confusing. After many failed attempts, I finally figured out how to play. Gamers must hold the screen to move and tap at the angle they wish to jump. It takes a lot of trial and error to figure out how to move without dying, which may deter a lot of players from enjoying the game.

Aside from the control issues, the game proves to be rewarding and fun. There are new elements in each world like falling platforms and spinning gears. Chasing Moonlight keeps players challenged without being overly difficult.

Hopefully the planned future update that will include additional stages, levels and obstacles will also include an updated tutorial screen. For now, it’s a quirky platformer that’s immersive and fun. Chasing Moonlight not exactly revolutionary, but for less than one dollar it’s worth exploring for those who aren't impatient.

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